Cutting Edge Floral Artistry

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Bill Murphy AIFD lives the reality that floral arrangements add timeless beauty to any environment. He has been able to pursue his passion for 20+ years by turning a hobby into a wonderful career. Bill continually finds creative ways to enlighten the senses through his natural sculptures that balance color, form and texture.

When planning for an event, Bill strives to make each unique by creating an ambiance that is appropriate for the specific function. As Bill describes his services, “I love working with beautiful things to turn an ordinary day or event into a special occasion.”

Bill often references his work by stating, “It’s just flowers”, humorously capturing his light-hearted sentiment regarding his expertise. Clients acknowledge that working with Bill is much more than “Just flowers.” It’s widely understood that you visit a flower shop for flowers, but work with Bill for an enchanted, memorable experience that delights the senses.